Let_it_grow is a collective of artists and ardent strategists. We are storytellers. We believe creativity is a language. A form of communication stirring within each of us, longing to be experienced.

It inspires and connects us. It evokes passion. It forms cultures and cultivates beauty. But it must be given attention.

It must be nurtured and afforded the perspective and environment in which it may bloom and thrive.

We want to discover the creativity within you and help you Let_it_grow.

Jared Angaza
brand_artist & partner

Wisdom Meets Passion

I co-authored this book with my father, Dan Miller. It’s about living a more extraordinary and altruistically driven life. It’s my first stab at co-authoring. I believe in this book, and I’m grateful to have had such an amazing opportunity to learn through the process of writing it. I’m also grateful to have been able to do this with my father. I recognize how extraordinary that is.

You can order the limited edition hardback version (with a few other  goodies) here.

Or order the paperback version on Amazon.

Release Date | August 28th, 2012


Dormans Coffee

Dormans Coffee was Kenya’s first coffee roaster. Today it’s one of the biggest, most ethically operated brands in Kenya.

I worked for two years on their rebrand process which included a new  brand identity package and the design and buildout of three new coffeehouses.

In August of 2013 I finished my work at Dormans and went on to pursue my work with Let_it_grow creative agency.


Bombolulu Workshops

Bombolulu Workshops was founded over 30 years ago in Mombasa, Kenya. They provide work, training and other resources for hundreds of handicapped Kenyans across the country. I do my best to inspire them, liberate them and help them create solid systems and tap into new markets. {pro bono}

Great Lakes Energy

Sam Dargan, founder of GLE, is the renewable energy guru for East Africa. He and his team are bringing reliable, low consumption, life enhancing products to the rural poor in East Africa. I do their branding and marketing and advise them on business development. I believe in their work, and their team. {pro bono}


The Life Christian Church

TLCC is a new breed of church, lead by Pastor Terry Smith and his team. They operate out of Orange, New Jersey. My wife and I are working with Pastor Terry and his team to create a revolutionary new model for missions in the developing world. One that is relational, inspiring and long lasting. One that begins and ends with listening twice as much as we speak.


The Mindful Mentors

Kerry Docherty and her team provide a path to mindfulness and enlightenment through meditation, breathing and visualizations. I do their branding, a bit of marketing, and anything else Kerry needs (because I believe in her and her gifts). Kerry’s work is already making the world a better place, and I consider it a privilege to serve her. {pro bono}


Jane Mutesi

I met Jane Mutesi in April 2006, immediately after moving to Kigali, Rwanda. Together we built Sisters of Rwanda as an effort to serve the women living in poverty and oppression. In 2008, Ilea joined us to transform Sisters of Rwanda into KEZA. It was an incredible journey for all of us. Jane and her husband, Peter make their own fashion goods, conduct a church, have an interpreting service for tourists and aid agencies, help at orphanages and just generally lead extraordinary and inspiring lives. We invest in Jane and Peter every chance we get, and are honored to do so.  {pro bono}

Jane is currently the Country Director for a prominent NGO in Rwanda.

Click HERE to read an article written about Jane that was published in a social enterprise periodical in 2009.


KEZA is a luxury fashion label. Our products are produced in East Africa by local artisans. Our goal is to help transform the image and expectations of Africa through our products and brand.

My wife and I founded together KEZA in 2008 after two years of R&D living in Rwanda. KEZA is a labor of love. We believe in it’s power and potential to foster a beautiful new image for Africa.


  • Wisdom Meets Passion

    Wisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller and Jared Angaza

    "None of us wants to live a mediocre life. In this book Dan and Jared shine light on the exciting process of blending wisdom and passion for a Born to Win life. If you are ready to really live the life you were born to have, then this book is a must for you!"

    Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc.

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