Possibility or Threat?

A possibility is not the same as a threat. It’s possible you could have a terrible car wreck on the way to work today. It’s possible you might get mugged or say the wrong thing. It’s also possible for you to jump off an eight story building or eat a piece of garbage on purpose.

Those are all possibilities.

However, for most of us, they are not an actual threat. People get caught up in negative possibilities all the time, confusing them for actual threats. Sure, all sorts of bad things could happen, but they probably won’t, especially if you’re choosing not to dwell on them. Our thoughts have the power, and tendency, to allow our thoughts to manifest.

I suppose we could call this dynamic “worry”. Are you a worrier? Are your worries based on actual threats or just possibilities? Anything is possible. And it’s possible you have nothing to worry about at all.

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