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  • It’s No Big Deal
    by Jared Angaza | 01-09-2014 | Lifestyle

    There are certainly many habits that make me who I am. I diligently work at being deliberate about all aspects of life and I think that’s a fundamental must. Then I work to create solid habits from that foundation. Everyone struggles, to some degree, with fear, stress, lack of confidence and various other worries. Then…
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  • What Are You Working For?
    by Jared Angaza | 01-05-2014 | Lifestyle

    I’ve always viewed my work, whatever it may be, as my art. It’s my contribution to the world. I’m going to give my best because I care. I care that it’s done well and that it serves someone else well or brings them some joy. My work has never been about making money. Yes, I…
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  • We’re Gonna Need More Phils
    by Jared Angaza | 11-13-2013 | Lifestyle

    I met Philip almost three years ago on our first night in Mombasa. Ilea and I showed up at his eighth story flat in the center of town. He graciously welcomed two strangers into his home that was already overflowing with life (largely in the form of other travelers that also became close friends). He…
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  • Wisdom Meets Passion

    Wisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller and Jared Angaza

    "None of us wants to live a mediocre life. In this book Dan and Jared shine light on the exciting process of blending wisdom and passion for a Born to Win life. If you are ready to really live the life you were born to have, then this book is a must for you!"

    Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc.

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